Property Management

Residential experience

At Grinbox, we sift through and appraise every investment offer before it hits the market. Our company prides itself on maintaining successful partnerships with banks, financial and legal consultants who escort us every step of the way. Simultaneously, Grinbox experts assist foreign investors through the process of opening a bank account in Israel and financing the investment through mortgage loans delivered at the lowest available interest rates.Grinbox’s friendly, professional representatives are there to service you long after the contract is signed. We employ a superior team of architects and designers to assist you in implementing any architectural or structural changes into your apartment and offer you the gamut of our interior design and decorating services, accounting for every major and minor detail until you have the keys in hand. If you do not plan to move immediately into your apartment, Grinbox’s property management department will gladly help you negotiate and sign a lease with reliable tenants and arrange all requisite payments to the authorities.

Living Room

Living Room